Jeremy Arbid


Local production of medicines currently makes up between 7 and 10 percent of medicines consumed in Lebanon, but there is potential to increase the share of locally-made generics. Bernard Tannoury, chairman of Lebanese pharmaceutical BentaPharma, said in a public statement that Lebanon’s 11 pharmaceutical companies could satisfy the medicine needs of the country, which could […]

Executive Magazine Just when you thought you could not disappoint teta any further, news that your home loan has been put on ice will surely do the trick. For the first time in nearly two decades, Lebanese citizens can no longer rely on the public sector for support in buying a starter home. For older generations especially, Lebanese […]

Illustration by Ivan Debs

Executive Magazine Times are very tough for Lebanon’s real estate sector. After years of poor demand in the upper and middle segments of the housing property market, demand for entry level units plunged in 2018 with the news that subsidized home loans were no longer available (although Parliament did legislate a one-year $66 million fix to […]

Executive Magazine Coming into 2018, Lebanon’s real estate market was already sputtering. For several years, real estate developers have complained of worrying market conditions—always hoping that the next year will be better, that the political situation in Lebanon will change, and that buyers will come clamoring back. The first wave of concerns was voiced by developers […]